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MSC 6 reds

Guests can become Cellar Club members enjoying shipments of select wines complete with wine background, tasting notes and food pairing tips. Wines can be picked up in the store or shipped via FedEx.




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We offer 2 different wine clubs and a beer club. One with good value ready to drink wines not found on the normal retail shelf and the option of choosing all red, all white or one of each.

The other is all reds for the collector and enthusiast .

The beer club Bomber of the Month is new or limited edition beers.

In addition Main Street Cellars will be the host for 2 members only events each year with wine and food.


- 2 bottles each month, one red & one white, or two reds or two whites. This club is for those everyday wine drinkers who want to try something new and exciting. Don’t be afraid to pull the cork or unscrew the cap, these wines are meant to be drunk!

$30/month plus tax, shipping extra. Credit card charged monthly.

Harvest Club - One red, one white
Harvest Club - All White
Harvest Club - All Red


- This is the club for those who like to drink wine as well as do a little collecting on the side. With these wines we are getting a little more serious, limited release and hard to find niche wines selected for their uniqueness. Drink or hide away in your cellar, these wines have depth and complexity that will not disappoint!

Four bottles of Red, twice a year. $100/each time plus tax. Shipping extra. Credit card charged on shipping/availability.

Cellar Reserve Club


Receive two 22 OZ or 750 ML bottles of new or limited edition beers

$14 - $20/month plus tax, depending on selection. Credit card charged monthly.

Bomber of the Month

Members are encouraged to pick up at Main Street Cellars, but shipping is available
*The club price does not include shipping costs
*Wine club is available for pickup on the 15th of every month

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