Cru Club March 2014

As we prepare for the first Cru release of 2014, we also find ourselves full of excitement as we prepare for this year’s events.

Kicking things off is our CRU Member Only Release Event which will be held on Wednesday, March 19th at 5:30. Come to the Cellar, meet other CRU members and pick up this month’s release.

Revitalized Main Street Cellars Wine & Beer Clubs!

In 2014, you will see a number of exciting changes occurring within your membership. We now have a new name: Cru Club.

We chose the name Cru for a reason: we would like you to play an active part in our growth. So now you will be part of the “Cru”. Main Street Cellars’ philosophy is to listen to our customers. We value your thoughts/ideas and hope that you will share those with us.

Being a Cru member comes with exciting benefits such as a 10% discount on bottle purchases and gift items, entry to Cru Member Only events, reduced admission to selected Main Street Cellars events, and more.

To kick things off we want to inform you of the inaugural Cru Members Only- Release Event. This special evening will be held at Main Street Cellars on Wednesday, March 19th at 5:30-8:00 pm. All members will be able to pick up their first 2014 Cru release at this time. Those who cannot attend are encouraged to pick up their selections by March 23rd.

As we prepare for this event our new Cru Club Coordinator, Karen Kryston, will be reaching out to you to reconfirm membership and credit card information. Please be aware that you will be charged for this Cru shipment on Monday, March 17th.

As a former restaurant and cabaret owner in San Francisco, Karen has a passion for creating an environment that is welcoming and fun for all customers. We are happy to welcome Karen to Main Street Cellars!

As you know, Main Street Cellars is a small, local, award-winning business offering high quality affordable wines. We were honored to be chosen as the 2013 Winters Business of the Year as well as being the runner up on the KCRA A-List, losing out only to a big box store. Remember. you don’t have to leave town to find the best wines and beers!

We really embrace Albert Einstein’s philosophy of, “The only source of knowledge is experience.” We encourage you and your friends to visit the Cellar to experience great wine, beer, food and fun. Who knew that learning could be so enjoyable?

-Michael and Chris