Photos from the 2nd Night of Bubbles & Bivalves

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Photos from the first night of Bubbles & Bivalves..

Bubbles drank and Bivalves swallowed…another night coming up next week!


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Lets Play Jazz!

Let’s Play Jazz a new jazz quartet, featuring Don Moe – drums, Marcel Berteaux – piano, Chris Unkel – sax, and Steve Ackley – bass, played the Main Street Cellars patio last Saturday….

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Mikuni meets Main Street

The Sushi went fast at “Mikuni Meets Main Street”, last friday during Harvest Festival!


Costumes & Charity Party

Halloween at Main Street Cellars

October 31st, 4pm till it gets SPOOKY!

Guilt-free partying knowing you are donating to the St. Jude Children’s Hospital! Just one dollar gets your name on a “Cool Ghoul” pinup shown below. Or donate more and feel even better!

Wear your most outrageous costume or come as someone everyone knows, you.

(Costumes prohibited containing fissionable material, open flames, or which drop rotting flesh)
(Sorry, Coors Light Not Available. Other fine refreshments will be served as usual)